Homeless not hopeless

To humanise those experiencing homelessness, the medium of video enables us to give individuals a platform to share their stories while showing that those on the streets are "Homeless, not Hopeless"Such videos begin a wider conversation for change by challenging the stigmas surrounding homelessness. Over the years we've met many friends out on the streets and we have witnessed first-hand that the stereotypes surrounding homelessness are wrong. Homelessness can come in many forms, not everyone is on the streets because of their choices and behind everyone person there truly is an incredible story.  We aim to use the medium of video to provide a voice for the voiceless and allow those on the streets to share their story. We've spent time over the years speaking to those on the streets, to our volunteers and to the general public.

We have asked the hard questions and now it is your chance to listen.

We invite you to watch some of these stories below, if you'd like to watch our full video collection then please visit our Youtube.

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