Driving a conversation for change for those experiencing homelessness across the nation​. 

Our Policy and Advocacy team aims to build connections with people experiencing homelessness. Through conversation and direct action, we strive to make sure people experiencing homelessness are heard in discussions about their future. 

In offices across the country, decisions are made about how funding and resources are distributed to homelessness - we want to improve the involvement and engagement of people experiencing homelessness in this process. 

In line with the mobilise vision, we ground our actions and publications on topics from conversations with people experiencing homelessness. If you’re interested in getting involved, would like to join an activity or just want to learn more - hit the get involved button top right to become part of the Mobilise community.

This documentary exploring the journeys' of 4 fellow Australian's who have experienced homelessness. It was presented at a Mobilise produced event in collaboration with Oaktree that included a range of speakers from backgrounds including the ACT Minister for Homelessness, a senior litigation solicitor and an Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist from ANU.


These stories from the streets provide four different lenses to the issue - an insight into the lives of just a few, a unique & unseen perspective into the ongoing narrative that is homelessness in one of the most developed countries in the world.

Mobilise Publications


Reports and submissions from the Policy and Advocacy team at Mobilise.


Mobilise: Inquiry into Homelessness 2021

Mobilise: Response To Federal Budget 2021

Mobilise: National Survey Campaign '30 Conversations'



Want to learn more about homelessness in Australia? Here are some resources about homelessness and how to get involved.


Homelessness Australia is the national peak body for homelessness in Australia, coordinating systemic advocacy for the homelessness sector.



Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) publishes reports and data on homelessness in Australia 


ABC Fact Check has presented national and state data on homelessness in an interactive format.


The Deck is a resource hub for the housing and homelessness sector based in Queensland, including research and policy and toolkits


Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute informs and impacts housing, homelessness and other related outcomes through the delivery and dissemination of relevant and authoritative research 

Research has been an integral part of Launch Housing’s work since inception, with a dedicated research unit to investigate issues of homelessness.