Mobilise is a movement founded by the youth, for the youth

The Mobilise movement was founded based on the simple question, 'In a country as prosperous as Australia - why does anyone have to sleep on the street?'  What first originated as a rhetorical question in the Eastern Suburbs of Victoria, commenced as a quest for exploration and understanding across the country. The movement has now evolved into a community of like-minded individuals across Australia who aim to make a difference and raise awareness for those who need help.

Leveraging the collective social conscience of the youth, we aim to unite our generation across Australia. We strive to develop practical solutions to problems and to start conversations around change for those experiencing homelessness and other forms of marginalisation across Australia. As we evolve, we aim to become a platform for the youth across our country to help those in need across a wide spectrum of community groups.

Homelessness in Australia

The Facts

- 106,000 people homeless on any night in Australia

- 38% of those homeless are under the age of 25

- 42% of the homeless are women

- 23% are homeless due to domestic/family violence

- Drug/Alcohol abuse is NOT in the 3 top causes for homelessness

How Can We Help?

It's not food or knowledge that those on the streets need most but it's
connection, trust, and conversation.

As youth, we might not have significant money or resources but what we do have is time. 

This enables us to build trust and connection with our friends on the streets facilitating unique insights not apparent to outsiders. 


Homelessness Outreaches

Head out onto the streets in VIC, NSW & SA spending time with those in need by having safe conversations and providing functional care in the form of packages that contain hygiene, clothing as well as food items. 

Mobilise Video

To humanise those experiencing homelessness, the medium of video enables us to give homeless individuals a platform to share their stories while showing to the wider society that those out there are "homeless, not hopeless". View our stories here.

Mobilise Voice

Using the insights and knowledge we've learned from our time out on the streets to change the opinions of the broader public about those who are experiencing homelessness and the stereotype that surrounds these people.

Community Engagement

The youth want to help but often don't know how - Mobilise is that platform. From parties to outreaches to marathon, you name it and a member in our community has done it to raise funds and awareness for those in need!

Social Causes

We started with homelessness, however, there are many groups across Australia who need help. From helping those affected by the bushfires to deliveries to those afflicted by coronavirus - we want to become a platform where all of us can contribute to help where it is needed.